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Seminarium IOA - mgr Karolina Dziadura

Zapraszamy na seminarium Instytutu Obserwatorium Astronomiczne.

Seminaria odbywają się co tydzień, w czwartki o godz. 13:00 w budynku Obserwatorium Astronomicznego UAM przy ul. Słonecznej 36.

Data: 26 styczeń 2023

Referat wygłosi: mgr Karolina Dziadura (IOA UAM)

We determine the non-gravitational transverse acceleration (the Yarkovsky effect – A2) using Gaia DR3 asteroid astrometry for 446 Near Earth Asteroids including 93 Potentially Hazardous Asteroids and 54 094 IMBA and Mars Crossing asteroids. For orbit determination, we used OrbFit software and the differential correction method. The software has been subject to years of testing and validation and is currently being used by the European Space Agency. We used all data available in Minor Planet Centre (MPC), all radar data and all Gaia DR3 observations and a new, more complex weighing scheme for asteroid astrometry. Thanks to Gaia DR3 and the new weighing scheme we improved the orbit uncertainties and detected the reliable A2 value for 60 Near Earth Asteroids, including 25 new detections and 35 improvements in signal-to-noise ratio. By adding a relatively small amount of ultra-precise astrometry from Gaia DR3 we significantly improved the orbit parameters for studied objects.

Język wykładu: jęz. angielski