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Seminarium ISQI - Dr Ken Imura

From topological matter to non-Hermitian quantum mechanics

Dr. Ken Imura (University of Tokyo)

Date, Time: 30.04, 15:00 - 16:00

Topological properties of topological matter are protected by the topology of the relevant wave functions, which do no change unless the system is perturbed so strongly that the bulk energy gap closes (as a result, related bands get inverted, etc.). In ref. [1], using such a protected topological property, we have proposed a recipe for realizing an ultra-low-energy consuming nanocircuit on terraces of a weak topological insulator. In refs. [2-3], topological insulator and Weyl semimetal thin (nano-) films have been studied from the viewpoint of the dimensional crossover of topological properties in these systems. In ref. [4] the idea of topological insulator has been generalized to non-Hermitian systems. In this seminar, in addition to a review of these works on topological matter, if time allows, I will briefly discuss our recent work [5] on the entanglement dynamics in a (Hatano-Nelson type [6]) non-Hermitian system.

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