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Seminarium IOA - Milagros Colazo

Zapraszamy na seminarium pt.: "What can we learn by studying the brightness behavior of asteroids?"

Seminaria odbywają się co tydzień, w czwartki o godz. 13:00 w budynku Obserwatorium Astronomicznego UAM przy ul. Słonecznej 36.

Data: 3 listopad 2022

Referat wygłosi: Milagros Colazo (IMCCE, Paris)


We all know that the brightness of asteroids varies due to different factors. We can see this brightness variation in the Light Curves (magnitude variation due to the asteroid’s rotation about its axis) and the Phase Curves (magnitude variation as the asteroid moves in its orbit around the Sun).
Together with the “Grupo de Observadores de Rotaciones de Asteroides” (GORA), we measure the light curves of dozens of asteroids to obtain the periods and amplitudes of these objects. GORA is an international network of amateur astronomers with whom we publish all our measurements in the Minor Planet Bulletin (MPB).

A significant aspect of my Ph.D. work is to take advantage of the large amount of photometric data provided by the current large astronomical surveys. Using the Gaia sample, we have obtained a catalog of H and G parameters for 9817 asteroids. From this work, “Pyedra” was developed: a software package written in Python that allows fitting different phase curve models to large catalogs of observations. On the other hand, we performed a taxonomic classification of asteroids using the 5 Sloan filters.

It is crucial to prepare statistical and computational tools capable of taking full advantage of the big data revolution on asteroids.

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