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Seminarium ISQI - Dr. Krzysztof Zberecki

Search for low-dimensional structures with optimal thermoelectric properties

Speaker: Dr. Krzysztof Zberecki (Warsaw University of Technology)
Date, Time: 11.04, 15:00 - 16:00
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Thermoelectric phenomena of novel nanomaterials are currently of great interest due to the possibility of conversion of thermal energy into electric one at nanoscale. Our theoretical studies, concentrated on modified narrow strips (nanoribbons) made of different materials (e.g. silicene, BN, carbon polymers, and others) suggest, that the conventional Sc and spin Ss, Seebeck coefficients, and especially the spin efficiency described by the figure of merit (ZT), can achieve high values even at room temperatures for many nanostructures. We show, that these modifications (e.g. doping, defects, or strain) can considerably raise the thermoelectric properties of the studied nanoribbons, which makes these systems very interesting for applications in spintronic and nanoelectronic devices.