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Seminarium ISQI - dr Jan Kisielewski

Between statics and dynamics of magnetization in magnetic films

Speaker: Dr. Jan Kisielewski, University of Białystok, Białystok

Date, Time: 16.03, 15:00 - 16:00

We study the spin-wave-induced spin reorientation transition (SRT) in magnetic films with uniaxial magnetic anisotropy and Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya (DMI) interaction. In particular, we show that propagating spin waves can freeze in SRT, causing periodic magnetic domains to arise, being a reminiscent of the wave amplitude distribution. This process can take place under the influence of a change in the magnetic field, magnetic anisotropy, film thickness, or magnitude of DMI. Interestingly, inherent to DMI non-reciprocity leads at SRT to emergence of flowing magnetization patterns, which suggests a spontaneous breaking of translational symmetry, and formation of magnonic space-time crystals. The described phenomena are general and should take place in a large family of magnetic materials.